Omega telecom provides you full control over the services you want to offer to your customers.You can offer pre-paid and post-paid calls to your customers under your terms and brand, with extensive control overpricing.Connection to unlimited PSTN carriers with different carriers to different destinations. The system owner and resellers can create products for customers to purchase. Products can be physical (such as SIP phones), services, or blocks of minutes.

The processes involved are either done automatically by the system or require little effort from you. For instance, new customers can sign up using an online self-service wizard. You can offer rate plans based on features, package limits, and more.You and your resellers have access to a web interface that is feature-rich and fully customizable, from prices and rate plans to invoicing and design.Resellers can work with us in 2 options.1st affiliates to sleep and make money.

It is very simple. Refer a customer and gain monthly commissions as a percentage from the bill for a lifetime. As long as the customer remains with us you will get decided percentage.2nd option is a reseller to buy & sell our services.You will decide independently the prices for calls features and services etc. And you will have full control to collect the payments, issue invoices and work according to your brand.

Marketing and billing features:

You get enormous benefits with omega telecom. For example

• Have complete control over marketing and billing features and services you offer to your customers.

• Provide your customers with everything they expect from a full-featured telephone service like telemarketer block, callerid block, selectable callerid for both internal and external calls, call forwarding, variable ring time, do not disturb, call park, and many more.

• Omega telecom ensures top notch security of system. It meets all mandatory requirements and industry standards, and provides extensive fraud prevention tools.

• Integrated pre-paid, post-paid, and external application billing of calls in and out, numbers, telephone lines, etc.

• And the list goes on


Class 1 USA - Canada

Class 2 Eurpoe - Asia

Class 3 GCC - Africa

Class 4 Former USSR